Rigid-Flex PCB
Combined Benefits

Rigid Flex circuits are built from PI flex material and FR4 or Polyimide rigid layers. It is a good solution for both dynamic and static applications. Rigid-Flex can support both plated through hole and micro-via HDI technology.

Product Benefits

Rigid-Flex makes board-to-board connectors and cables redundant, which saves space and weight. It can endure vibration and shock, which makes it superior for a wide range of products. The rigid parts ensure good component support, while the flexible parts make it possible to integrate several rigid PCBs into one robust solution, with excellent signal integrity.


PI core laminate and coverlay materials have different glue system properties dedicated to supporting the specific construction, whether it is a dynamic or static solution you are seeking.


Rigid Flex enables you to minimize the overall PCB size, replaces the board-to-board connectors, and reduces the number of assembly processes. This creates considerable logistics savings.

Weight Reduction

Rigid-Flex offers considerable weight and space savings compared to connector-cabled rigid PCBs.

Reliability and Durability

Reliability is increased by eliminating the use of cables and connectors.

What is Rigid-Flex PCB?


Rigid-flex PCBs combine the benefits of both rigid and flexible PCBs. The rigid parts of the PCB interconnect through flexible PI Kapton layers. The rigid material provides structural support for the components. The PI Kapton enables bendability for both static and dynamic flexible solutions.
rigid flex pcb
rigid flex pcb


Base Material: The most common material choice for the rigid layers is FR4, but other rigid materials like woven glass Polyimide can also be used.

Flexible Area: The flexible area is made of PI Kapton Polyimide material. The Cu is glued to the PI core material using mainly Acrylic or Polyimide adhesive (also called adhesive less).

Lines and spaces: Standard 100um minimum, advance down to 30um.

Vias: Rigid-Flex can contain PTH, blind vias, buried vias and Laser drilled micro-vias.

Layer Count: Up to24 layers

Surface Finish: ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) or HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling)

Solder Mask: Liquid photo imageable Solder mask can be used in rigid areas. PI Coverlay or Flexible solder mask lacquer can be used in the flexible areas.

Multilayer Rigid-Flex Structure

Rigid-Flex stack-up can contain 2 to 24 layers. The stack-up configurations are nearly limitless and can be built with PTHs, blind vias, buried vias, and laser drilled micro-vias.

Technical Data

Semi-Flex PCB Feature

Semi-Flex PCB FeatureICAPE Group Semi-Flex PCB technical specification
Layer countUp to 16 layers with 2 layers at bending zone.
Technology highlightsRigid PCB with deepth control milling to assume a bending zone (Max 2 layers). Cost effective option for flexible and static application.
MaterialsSpecific FR4
Base Copper ThicknessFrom 1/2 Oz base to 1 Oz for bending zone. Up to 3+C53 Oz for rigid zonz.
Minimum track & spacing0.075mm / 0.075mm
Surface finishes availableOSP, ENIG, ENEPIG, soft-Gold, Gold finger, immersion Tin, immersion silver
Minimum mechanical drill0.15mm
PCB thickness1,00 to 2,4mm.
Maxmimum dimensions525x580mm

Do you need Rigid-Flex PCB?

Rigid Flex PCBs are used in almost every industry that needs space and weight reductions such as automotive, wearable devices, laptops, phones, medical, military, instrumentation, avionics, sensors, and industrial controls.

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