Double-Sided PCB
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Double-sided PCBs are mainly produced on FR4 material. FR4 is a copper-clad, woven glass-reinforced material with epoxy-based resin. The epoxy resin bonds the materials together and contains flame retardants.

Product Benefits

DS and Multilayer PCBs contain plated through holes enabling signals to cross through the layers. It makes higher component density possible compared with single-sided technology. It is a well-known technology used in all kinds of electronic devices.

Better Signal Integrity

DS containing both signal and ground plane layers enable better signal integrity since traces can be impedance controlled with reference in ground plane layers.


FR4 is the most cost-effective PCB material for DS PCB on the market.

High Reliability

Allow a reduction of 50% of the size of the board compared to a single-sided PCB

What is a Double-Sided PCB?


FR4 is glass-reinforced epoxy laminate. The designation FR4 was created by NEMA in 1968 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). FR is the short form of Flame Retardant. FR4 is offered in many variations with modification of the epoxy to create lower CTE, higher Tg., higher CTI, lower Df & Dk etc…
double-sided pcb
double-sided pcb specifications


PCB MaterialsTg. 130 to 180C°, CTE 40/220 to 60/300ppm, halogen free optionally.

Copper Weight: 1 oz/ft² minimum

Lines and Spaces: low cost 150um, standard 100um, advanced 75um

Vias: Standard 0,3mm, min. 0,15mm

Layer Count: 2-64 layers.

Surface Finish: LF HASL, OSP, Im Tin, Im Silver, ENIG, ENEPIG and Hard or Soft Gold.

Solder Mask: Green, White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.

Do you need Double-Sided PCB?

Double-sided PCBs are commonly used in a wide range of electronic applications such as telecommunications, industrial control systems, and power supplies. They are also used in prototyping and small-scale production runs.

Technical Data


DS FeatureICAPE Group Double Side technical specification
Technology highlightsDouble side PCB with PTH (Platted Through Hole). Peelable mask, carbon ink, bevelling, countersink, edge platting. Press-fit holes +/-0,05mm.
MaterialsFR4 raw material with high TG, high CTI, high performance and/or halogen-free.
Base Copper Thickness1/2 Oz to 15 Oz. Advanced 20 Oz
Minimum track & spacing0.1mm / 0.1mm. Advanced 0,075/0,075mm
Surface finishes availableOSP, HASL-LF ENIG, ENEPIG, Soft-Gold, Gold fingers, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver. Advanced HASL.
Minimum mechanical drill0.2mm, Advanced 0,15mm
PCB thickness0.40mm – 3,2mm, Advanced 8mm.
Maxmimum dimensions530x685mm. Advanced: 1180x590mm.

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