Heavy Copper PCB
Maximum Power

A heavy copper PCB is one of the solutions to reach the needs of modern power electronics. The interest in this field has grown dramatically in the last few years with an increasing need for Electric Power management and control (Smart Grid), renewable energy generation and control, electric transportation, and the desire to improve the operating efficiency of heavy systems.

Product Benefits

A heavy Copper PCB is a double-sided or multilayer PCB with a copper base thicker than 3 oz (105µm). The additional Cu thickness increases the current carrying capacity with high endurance to thermal strain.

Heat Distribution

The heavy Cu can be designed locally with Cu coins or through complete construction to create enhanced heat distribution.

High Current

Heavy Cu PCBs can replace costly heavy cable harnesses on reduced space and enable high and low current component integration on the same circuit board.


The base material must match the operational temperature of the application. High Tg FR4, BT Epoxy or GPY Polyimide.

Reliability and Durability

Increased reliability by superior thermal management.

What is Heavy Copper PCB?


Heavy Copper PCBs are designed to handle high current loads or PCBs populated with components that generate high heat with a need for heat distribution into the surrounding substrate material. This type of PCB is characterized by its high copper weight, typically greater than 3 oz/ft², and can be used in a wide range of electronic applications that require high power dissipation and heat management.


Base Material: The base material used in a Heavy Copper PCB are often High Tg. FR4, BT epoxy or GPY Polyimide

Thickness: 0.4 mm to 6,35mm

Copper Weight: 4 oz/ft² to 15 oz/ft² – Low qty. and samples up to 20 oz/ft²

Lines and Spaces: Dependent on Cu Weight (thickness)

Vias: Via types to be used depends on the construction and Cu weight.

Layer Count: 2 to 14 layers

Surface Finish: ENIG, HASL, LF HASL, Immersion Ag, Immersion Sn, Galvanic Ni/Au.

Solder Mask: The Cu thickness on outer layer determines the solder mask thickness needed to provide sufficient coverage and protection of the Cu pattern.

Calculation of current capacity & temp.

When current flows along a trace, the power loss results in localized heating. IPC-2221A Generic Standard on Printed Board Design contains formulas to calculate the current carrying capacity and related temperature rise. The amount of current a copper circuit can safely carry depends upon the base material and the application’s operational temperature, since heat rise, and current flow are related. High Tg materials are often selected for Heavy copper PCBs.

Do you need Heavy Copper PCB?

With its exceptional ability to support high voltage and temperature, heavy copper is mainly used in Automotive, Electrical Power Distribution, Power Converters, Aerospace, Medical, Welding Equipment, Power Supplies and by Solar Panel Manufacturers.

Technical Data

Heavy Copper Feature

Heavy Copper FeatureICAPE Group Heavy Copper technical specification
Layer count2 – 12 layers. Advanced bus-barr with copper thickness 3mm.
Technology highlightsAlloy high amperage design at inner and outer layer
MaterialsFR4 raw material with high TG, low CTE, halogen-free.
Base Copper ThicknessFrom 3 Oz base to 20 Oz finished thickness.
Surface finishes availableOSP, HASL, HASL-LF, ENIG, ENEPIG, Soft-Gold, Gold fingers, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver.
Minimum mechanical drill0.25mm
PCB thickness1,6mm – 5,5mm
Maxmimum dimensions425x580mm.

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