Our History

Created in 1999, ICAPE Group is one of the world’s leaders in the supply of PCB and custom technical parts


  • ICAPE Group acquires Fimor Electronics
  • CIPEM Deutschland is launched
our history ipo


  • ICAPE Group rings the bell at Euronext as it becomes a public company
  • ICAPE Group launches New Brand Identity
  • New business operations in Denmark, Portugal, and Sweden


  • ICAPE Group launches Non-Profit organization ICAPE Planete Bleue
  • New business operations in Spain, Netherlands, Canada, and South Africa
  • Divsys France is launched
our history in 2020 in icape group office


  • ICAPE Group proves strength during pandemic with excellent year
  • New business units in Polska and Japan
  • Group now composed of 450 employees worldwide in 20 business units
our history


  • The objective of 125M€ has been reached for the second year in a row
  • A new business unit has been opened in Spain
  • New ultra-modern machines for the USA Laboratory.
our history divsys


  • ICAPE Group and DIVSYS International announced the merger of their business operations.
  • ICAPE Group and DIVSYS International assets, people, and customer contracts merged


  • The objectives of 115M€ are achieved 
  • Strong growth 
  • The creation of CIPEM Shop as well the opening of  modern CIPEM showroom in China Office 
our history 2016 growth


  • ICAPE Group reaches €94M in turnover
  • Opening of new business units in key markets: Mexico (Mexico City), Italy (Modena), Singapore, the South of Germany and the USA.
  • Start of rail freight shipping


  • The European headquarters moves to a brand new 1 500 sqm office in Fontenay-aux-Roses
  • A part of ICAPE Group customer service was also relocated to France
  • The launch of Technical Days to deepen one’s knowledge about Printed Circuit Boards and Technical Parts.
  • The launch of an online quote service (July 2015) – The launch of a commercial website (October 2015).
  • Creation of a logistics center, a storage center and showrooms in Fontenay-aux-Roses, France. Starts product groupings on our site of Fontenay.
  • The opening of an office in Austin. (Texas, USA)


  • The entire China office moves to a new site, in the center of Chang An, Dongguan City
  • New ultra-modern laboratory for PCB and logistics center
  • 175 highly qualified employees offering a complete set of services to all ICAPE and CIPEM business units. (PCB ICAPE Services, CIPEM Services, ICAPE Hong Kong, ICAPE China, ICAPE HK Brazil).
  • 170 multilingual people work in these 6 structures including 60 employees for the Printed Circuit Board office.
  • The launch of the IQTS services offering a very short lead time for small volume orders.


  • The group reaches €58M in 2013, 32% more than in 2012. (€44M)
  • The opening of three business units: ICAPE India in Bangalore, and ICAPE Deutschland in Frankfurt


  • ICAPE Group has been selected as a Printed Circuit supplier for green technology, supplying power inverters for a European Solar Panel manufacturer.
  • The creation of a new service line called Ultra Low Cost Services. (ULCS)


  • The creation of GIE ICAPE which brings together all the marketing and services activities of the group.
  • China Office is then staffed by 120 professionals. All the employees of the quality department are trained on IPC standards.


  • The creation of ICAPE Holding in September 2010 as a financial company.
  • The opening of strategic business units in the United States and Brazil 
  • Separation of two identities: ICAPE France and ICAPE Hong Kong
  • ICAPE Group’s revenue reaches €32 million with 5 subsidiaries, up 33% compared to 2009.
ICAPE Group 2009, conflict minerals report


  • ICAPE Group achieves a turnover of €24M and continues to grow about 30% every year.


  • The creation of ICAPE Hong Kong and CIPEM Hong Kong.
  • China Office quickly grows up to 50 employees and becomes ISO 9002 ertified.


  • The creation of a commercial platform in China to outsource and find factory-partners offering a good price-performance ratio.


  • The creation of CIPEM, China Industrial Parts For Electronics Manufacturing. This ICAPE Group subsidiary specializes in Custom-Made Technical Parts manufactured in China.
  • The opening of ICAPE Group’s China Representative Office in Chang An (Dongguan, Guangdong), responsible for sourcing, quality control and logistics activities.


  • ICAPE Group achieves €10M in the Printed Circuit Board industry with 12 employees. 
  • Started to expand in Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, and Italy.


  • ICAPE Group starts to expand in Eastern Europe and Germany.


  • ICAPE Group reaches € 5M of turnover in the Printed Circuit Board industry with 5 employees.


  • Creation of the first PCB network with 12 factory-partners. Beginning of cooperation with Taiwanese and Chinese Factories.


  • The creation of ICAPE Group, International Consulting Activities For Printed Circuit Board Electronics. The founder, Mr. Ballenghien, surrounded himself with the best talents in order to create a high-quality company.

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