Swedish competence in printed circuit boards

Full-service supplier of Printed Circuit Boards with our own production unit in Sweden


ICAPE MMAB operates a factory in Malmö, Sweden, that has been manufacturing prototypes and small volumes since the 1970s. Major investments have recently been done in the factory to increase the capability and focus on sustainability.
ICAPE-MMAB specializes in producing quick prototypes and small volumes of single and double-layer Printed Circuit Boards, as well as Multilayer PCBs. Our staff have extensive experience in special solutions such as aluminum boards, heavy copper, high-frequency base materials, large antennas, and mechanically challenging details
Our strengths are a high service level, quick reply, technical support, customer-specific DFM, IPC knowledge, and seminars with factory tours as well as seminars at customer sites. These are highly appreciated by our customers.


Our factory in Malmö, Sweden, has many capabilities to ensure project satisfaction.

Monthly Capacity550SQM/Month
Main productionSS; 2L; 4L; 6L; 8L; 10L; 12L; 14L
2L -> 3 - 5 WD + Transport
4L -> 4 - 6 WD + Transport
6L -> 5 - 7 WD + Transport
Normal Lead-Time
8 - 12 WD + Transport
CertificationsISO 9001:2015 and UL
Main industriesIndustrial

Factory Products

Small Volume Prototype

The production in Malmö can handle rapid prototypes and smaller series of multi-layer cards and of course single-sided and double-sided.

Serial Production & HDI

Our partners in China can supply small and large series 1-32 layers in FR-4 and most types of materials for high temperatures or high frequencies.

Metal Based & LED

Malmö Mönsterkort is a development partner for thermally conductive circuit boards such as aluminum substrates and circuit boards for LEDs.

Special Solutions

Our flexible production in Sweden offers all possible special solutions with different colors of solder mask, V-groove, depth controlled milling, extra thick copper or removable mask.

High Frequency Material & Antennas

For high frequencies and processes, we have materials with low losses and a low and stable dielectric constant. Unique to MMAB is our manufacture of very large antennas in FR-4 as well as patterns for radomes.

icape mmab laboratory

Laboratory Testing

ICAPE-MMAB’s in-house lab performs preventive analysis and control. When some quality issues occur we have all resources to perform advanced root cause analysis. We base our controls on IPC requirements complemented by ICAPE-MMAB Quality requirements and customer specifications.

Tests include:

  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Solderability Test
  • Impedance Measurement TDR
  • Soldermask Adhesion
  • And More

Visit our laboratory page to learn more about ICAPE Group’s in-house labs.

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Sales Director
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