Access the world's best network of PCB and technical parts manufacturers with the most optimized costs, expert engineering advice, short lead times, and sustainable processes.

From design to delivery.

Why ICAPE Group?

ICAPE Group offers specialized solutions honed over 25 years of experience in the electronic industry. With a comprehensive product lineup encompassing all PCB technologies and various custom-made technical parts, our items are meticulously crafted and quality-controlled within our state-of-the-art factory network. 

Our global infrastructure is strategically designed to optimize worldwide communication efficiency. Whether you require rapid online procurement or large-scale manufacturing, we provide end-to-end solutions that prioritize quality, reliability, competitiveness, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Realize your vision with precision and unwavering dedication by partnering with us

Technical Expertise

140 sales engineers specialized in all PCB and Technical Parts technologies

Advanced Manufacturing

80 carefully selected manufacturing partners in Asia, Europe, and South Africa

Quality First

Strict controls operated on production sites and inside our own laboratories

Logistics Solutions

Flexible shipment, storage, and local transport options worldwide.

Customer Service

300 representatives linked to our factories and experts to support our clients


ICAPE Group’s Power of Precision is found in the following industries:

Customer Testimonials

ACTIA Automotive started a supplier partnership with Icape in 2015. Their technical expertise in the PCB environment, responsiveness of interlocutors as well as competitiveness at the price level make them a strategic parner.
We have found with Icape the ideal partner for short times productions and prices; being very competitive and with quick answers make TEMA's Custom Electronics always be a pride of Made in Italy production.
We began our partnership in PCB development and batteries in 2015. Through our projects, we verified the excellent quality and environmental friendliness of our products. Consequently, we decided to manufacture our products under CIPEM supervision. We offer PCBA and plastic molds of very high quality, produced quickly and at an attractive cost.

ICAPE Group worldwide presence

Business units
Countries delivered
Business units
Countries delivered

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    Sustainability Engagements

    ICAPE Group is committed to a CSR project to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. We pay particular attention to the respect of human rights and we participate in various humanitarian and environmental actions with our corporate foundation ICAPE Planète bleue.

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