CIPEM specializes in the production of Custom-Made Technical Parts according to the customers’ specifications, files, and drawings.


Our expertise has developed in many professional fields since the creation of CIPEM in 2004. We have many years of experience in custom technical parts with an offer based on 10 product families, each managed by engineers and highly skilled technicians.
For your various custom-made projects, CIPEM helps you to create your product in the most efficient and economical way, taking into account the specificities of the supply chain in China. Moreover, CIPEM uses Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) to integrate product design and process planning into a common business. Thus, we are able to fully support you throughout the industrialization of your parts and products.


Sourcing & Benchmarking

In its sourcing mission, CIPEM visits dozens of factories and as a main condition evaluates a partner's ability to meet requirements.

Strategic Development

CIPEM is assisting factories to develop and implement appropriate practices in terms of production, quality, and packaging.

Direct Project Support

Reactivity and proximity with partnering factories help to provide performant support at every stage of your project.

Supplier Development & Cooperation

CIPEM leverages the best practices in terms of project management, manufacturing, and quality.


CIPEM has 50 partner factories and is your presence on the production lines at the heart of the electronic supply chain in China.
Technical parts include:

Cables & Connectors


Transformers & Coils




Plastic & Silicone


Remote Control Units


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