To achieve high quality and offer its customers the best of our PCBs, ICAPE Group has assembled a team of quality experts. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and technical parts, the ICAPE Group teams are able to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs.

Customer Benefits

ICAPE Group is the electronics industry’s answer to reducing the number of iterations to achieve fast production-ready status. Our team of quality experts has extensive knowledge of the manufacture of circuit boards and technical parts allowing us to bring rapid improvements to your projects. Our quality team performs monthly monitoring and audits in order to constantly check the quality performance of our partner suppliers.

80 People

Dedicated to Quality

6 Laboratories

in France, China, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and the US

Double Inspection

Samples, Quick Turn, & Critical Industries


of Production Batches Inspected


On Site

100 Quality Audits

Performed Each Year

quality compliance


ICAPE Group has ICAPE inspectors present daily on site of its partner factories, ensuring compliance with the standards and values of the Group. These constant audits and controls ensure that the selected supplier is the best choice for the project, questions can be answered quickly, and total quality is ensured.

Fewer Iterations

To reduce the number of iterations and quickly reach the status of “ready for production”, monthly monitoring is carried out to ensure the quality performance of its partner suppliers.

quality fewer iterations


ICAPE Group can validate bare or assembled boards and troubleshoot problems. We provide an “approval for use” report with the results. Our fully equipped laboratory offers a complete range of testing services for both bare and assembled printed circuit boards, rework, and technical support. Our in-house lab inspects the boards we procure to guarantee an exact match with the design file.

Expert Support

From design to mass production, our team provides quality and engineering support through every step of a project lifecycle and has extensive experience in electronics design, fabrication, and assembly, making us uniquely qualified to address all current and future requirements. 

Certifications & Insurance

ICAPE Group has and maintains many quality certifications to keep current with industry standards. A few to name are ISO 9001:2016, VDA 6.3 Training, and our IPC Member certificate. We also carry the highest reliability insurance level in the market, so you’re always protected.