Corporate Social Responsibility

Us and our customers are increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of our activities. We care about giving back to society and operating in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our Orientations

Sustainable Business

Our open communication with our customers are also applied in our supplier relations. Our offices work closely with our partner factories and our communication withthese partners are built on trust. Reasonable business conditions, long term relations and open communication that provides sustainability.

Talents Development

Our strong and continuous development allows us to provide our employees with concrete development perspectives for the years to come, and to work on high-level and stimulating projects.

Responsible Business

Our commitment to integrity in doing business is a key value in our business. We comply with all REACH, Rohs and Conflict Free Minerals requiements.

Sustainability in our Factories

A sustainable PCB manufacturing is clearly a part of our Corporate Social Repsonsibility Strategy. PCB production in South Africa & Sweden is regulated and followed up in several areas.
Our factories enables us to be close to our customers and decrease our carbon footprint. 

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corporate social responsibility


As we are convinced that CSR is one of the biggest challenges that lay ahead in our activities, we believe that raising awareness among our employees and partners is one of the keys to an efficient approach.
Our employees take part to innovative workshops in order to understand climate change issues and be part of this journey.

ICAPE's corporate social responsibility strategy

Our Corporate Foundation “ICAPE Planète Bleue” has been created as a part of our strategy, as our impact on communities is a key component of our orientations.

corporate social responsibility

Foundation ICAPE Planète Bleue

Created in 2021 by the ICAPE group, the ICAPE Planète Bleue Corporate Foundation aims to carry out missions outside the ICAPE group, in the service of the general interest, and for the preservation of our beautiful planet. Our Foundation therefore carries out actions in the social, environmental, educational and humanitarian fields, in connection with the maritime world and for the protection of the oceans. Helping, educating, raising awareness, protecting, supporting, these are all the tasks that we try to fulfill with our Corporate Foundation.

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