Transformers and Coils

Transformers can be of high and low frequency and are usually composed of toroidal cores, coils, inductors, current transformers, line transformers, etc. CIPEM can assemble all these elements together or directly deliver raw materials to our clients.

Product Benefits

Choosing the correct coil or transformer for an electronic project requires consideration of several factors, including the application, the required electrical specifications, and physical constraints such as size and cost. CIPEM provides quality services and a wide range of custom capabilities.


A coil is typically made up of a conducting wire wound around a core made of a magnetic material. The magnetic material helps to increase the magnetic field strength of the coil and improve its inductance.

  • Common mode chokes
  • Power inductors
  • Filters
  • Toroidal cores, drum cores
  • Ring cores
  • Rod cores, etc..


transformers and coils


Transformers do not generate electrical power; they transfer electrical power from one AC circuit to another using magnetic coupling. The core of the transformer is used to provide a controlled path for the magnetic flux generated in the transformer by the current flowing through the windings, which are also known as coils.

  • COPPER Types toroids
  • Types CMS, etc..
  • For DC/DC converter
  • For AC/DC converter
  • Signal 
  • Gate Drive
  • PFC

Custom Capabilities


Detail dimension Especially the pin pitch and pin row


Winding schematic diagram


Winding layer diagram


Winding structure diagram (wire type and diameter number of turns)


Primary inductance DCR of each winding hi-pot testing
Test condition

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