ICAPE offers a wide range of HDI structure and process to meet your PCB needs and brings you the better compromise between technology and cost.

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What's a "HDI PCB’s"?


We also call them, sequential build up, build up board or microvia’s technology.

Why doing micro via's?


The top picture is 150µm microvia with 100 µm dielectric, the typical dimensions in the late 90s. In the middle 100 µm microvia with 60µm dielectric the typical design from early 2000. The bottom picture is today's 60µm microvia with 40µM dieletric.

What are the typical design value for HDI?


3 methods to create µvias by laser ?


Methods Advantage / Disadvantage
Image+CO² CO² burn the dielectric
350 hits per second
Very Fast
Need an extra image process.(cost)
UV+CO² UV take off the copper with helicoidale rotation
CO² burn the dieletric
200 hits per second
Best actual compromise, speed / quality / cost
UV Both Copper and dielectric are burn with the UV
80 hits per second
Flexible in term of technical capability
But slow

Can we have some stack up example for HDI?

Type I HDI Construction


Type II HDI Construction


Type III HDI Construction


Type III HDI Construction with Stacked Microvias


Type III HDI with Staggered Microvias


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