Double Side PCBs

All types of Double Side PCBs at competitive costs from China !

Double Side PTH PCBs

•    Standard products: PTH, track width > 150 microns,  FR4, photosensitive soldermask
•    High density: PTH, fine track width ≤ 150 microns, small holes, FR4

Special types: thick copper, thin core, conductive jumpers, shielding planes, golden PCBs, hard gold, non PTH, punched, laminate stuck to aluminum plate, etc…

Double Side PCBs with conductive polymer holes (Silver Through Holes / STH)

•    Standard technologies : CEM1, FR1, pitch 1.5 mm, silver hole diameter 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm, copper pad 1.2 mm, track width ≥ 200 microns
•    High density products: CEM1, FR1, CEM3, pitch 1.2 mm, silver hole 0.5 mm, copper pad 1 mm, track width < 200 microns. (Roller Coater photo technology)

Special low cost PCBs with polymer inks printing:

•    Carbon through holes and second layer with carbon ink
•    Silver through holes and second layer with carbon ink
•    Silver through holes and second layer with silver jumpers

Double Side PCB (PTH) is well present not only in industrial products such as power supply, but also in automotive equipment like air-conditioning control and other instrumentations.

STH PCB (or PCB Silver Paste) are used in electronic products to optimize the cost of DS PCB (e.g. Sony Technology for remote control and front panel, with Carbon Ink on second side).

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