DIVSYS, a branch of ICAPE Group, acts as the link that bridges the customer’s ideas to a full-fledged design from prototype to series production. DIVSYS gathers experts from all the fields that a turnkey product requires!


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, DIVSYS International-ICAPE (DIVSYS-ICAPE) can assist customers with PCB design guidelines, manufacturability, and board specification questions. The in-house laboratory team at DIVSYS-ICAPE originated from a 40-year-old PCB fabricator and assembler, and they speak the language of both. DIVSYS-ICAPE fosters a culture of technical excellence through modern quality techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and well-trained team members. Continual education assures that all team members are current on industry certifications, registrations, and requirements.

Laboratory Testing

DIVSYS-ICAPE’s fully equipped laboratory offers a complete range of testing services for both bare and assembled printed circuit boards, rework, and technical support. Our in-house lab inspects the boards we procure to guarantee an exact match with the design file while offering standalone services to detect a wide range of manufacturing defects. 

Tests include:

  • PCB Validation Test
  • Microsection PCB – Destructive Test
  • Surface Finish Thickness
  • Bare Board Electrical Test
  • Ionic Contamination Testing
  • X-Ray Analysis


Lab Equipment

State-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with over 30 ultra-modern machines.

Lab Tests

Not just an exercise in metrics, but actually provide a “suitability for use” opinion with the results

PCBA Offer

Accelerate your design cycle by building a production-ready prototyping assembly within 3 days.

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