DIVSYS, a branch of ICAPE Group, acts as the link that bridges the customer’s ideas to a full-fledged design from prototype to series production. DIVSYS gathers experts from all the fields that a turnkey product requires!

Divsys France

DIVSYS France covers the entire development of our customers’ products, from design to manufacturing and delivery. Along with the lifecycle, DIVSYS France covers all the value-creation processes of complete products, calling on all the strengths of ICAPE Group. An “All-in-one” solution, capable of covering all of our customers’ needs thanks to all the group’s activities, and which also has the advantage of offering a single information channel, with a single point of contact for the entire project.

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Research & Development

Software Development

Consulting / Expertise

Project Management
Technical Expertise
Applied Mathmatics

Reverse Engineering

Analog, Digital, RF
Manufacturing Files


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, DIVSYS International-ICAPE (DIVSYS-ICAPE) can assist customers with PCB design guidelines, manufacturability, and board specification questions. The in-house laboratory team at DIVSYS-ICAPE originated from a 40-year-old PCB fabricator and assembler, and they speak the language of both. DIVSYS-ICAPE fosters a culture of technical excellence through modern quality techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and well-trained team members. Continual education assures that all team members are current on industry certifications, registrations, and requirements.
divsys icape laboratory
divsys laboratory testing

Laboratory Testing

DIVSYS-ICAPE’s fully equipped laboratory offers a complete range of testing services for both bare and assembled printed circuit boards, rework, and technical support. Our in-house lab inspects the boards we procure to guarantee an exact match with the design file while offering standalone services to detect a wide range of manufacturing defects. 

Tests include:

  • PCB Validation Test
  • Microsection PCB – Destructive Test
  • Surface Finish Thickness
  • Bare Board Electrical Test
  • Ionic Contamination Testing
  • X-Ray Analysis


Lab Equipment

State-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with over 30 ultra-modern machines.

Lab Tests

Not just an exercise in metrics, but actually provide a “suitability for use” opinion with the results

PCBA Offer

Accelerate your design cycle by building a production-ready prototyping assembly within 3 days.

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