ICAPE Group Now Offers SEA-AIR Shipping for France and Germany

The Perfect Balance for Your Needs!

Exciting news for our valued customers in France and Germany! We’re thrilled to announce that ICAPE Group can now offer SEA-AIR transportation through our SAP production system. This innovative shipping method combines the best of both worlds: air and ocean freight.

The Benefits of SEA-AIR Shipping with ICAPE Group:

Faster: Air freight can be incredibly fast, but it comes at a premium. SEA-AIR cuts your delivery time by an impressive 45% (30-35 days) compared to traditional ocean freight, getting your PCBs to you much quicker!

Cheaper: SEA-AIR offers significant cost savings compared to air freight alone. By combining air and ocean transport, you can expect to pay roughly from 10 to 25% less.

Cleaner: Sustainability is a major concern for ICAPE Group, and SEA-AIR is a great eco-friendly option. This method boasts a 29% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional air freight!

Weight and Route Requirements


For SEA-AIR shipments, we have two options:

Consolidation (Over 100kg): This option allows you to combine your shipment with others to optimize costs.

Direct Shipment (Over 1000kg): For larger shipments, you can opt for a direct route, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

Ready to Experience the SEA-AIR Advantage?

Contact your local ICAPE Group representative today to discuss your PCB shipping needs and see if SEA-AIR is the perfect solution for you!

We’re committed to providing you with the most efficient and cost-effective shipping options while minimizing our environmental impact. SEA-AIR shipping is a win-win for everyone – faster delivery, lower costs, and a greener future! We’re diligently working on expanding this service to all our clients and business units, so stay tuned for updates.