Employees Success Story : Erika Leite

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are delighted to present an insightful interview with Erika Leite, a passionate and inspiring Director at ICAPE Brazil, who proudly identifies as a true Brazilian who loves to talk. In this article, she shares her remarkable journey from a salesperson to a director, offering valuable insights into finding joy in work and providing advice for female colleagues aspiring to achieve success.

Can you share your journey at ICAPE Group, including your background, early roles, and progression over the years?

I commenced my journey with ICAPE Group on August 1, 2013, in the role of a salesperson. After three years of dedicated service, I was honored with a promotion to the position of Brazil Director, a role that I still hold today.


What aspect of your job brings you the most joy?

The most gratifying aspect of my job is the daily adventure it brings. Each day unfolds with new opportunities for learning, diverse discussions, challenges that propel me forward, and a myriad of subjects to navigate. In Brazil, with its diverse landscape, adapting my approach to selling our products based on regional differences is essential. Staying closely connected to our customers, understanding their needs, and enhancing our products are crucial components. What brings me the most joy is the opportunity to build something meaningful, witness progress, satisfy customers, review successful outcomes, and observe our team’s collaborative efforts and future plans. Contributing to the construction and improvement of things keeps me motivated, knowing that my efforts matter. The constant challenge of discussions, problem-solving, and critical thinking is what propels me forward every day.


Can you share a memorable success story or milestone from your time at ICAPE Group?

During my first six months as a director, I faced a significant challenge managing imports, resale, accounting, finance, contracts, and legal matters. Step by step, I successfully navigated each responsibility, realizing after six months that I could handle it all. This self-affirmation marked a pivotal moment in my career, boosting my confidence and motivation to persevere. In terms of sales, my first customer remains a cherished memory, emphasizing the rewarding journey from initial interactions to sustaining long-term relationships. Approaching everything with a positive mindset has allowed me to appreciate each customer interaction, new product introduction, and even a simple lunch meeting.

Erika Leite and its team at the FIEE Trade Show in 2023

What challenges have you faced during your 10 years at ICAPE Group, and how did you overcome them?

Adapting to changes in the market has been a consistent challenge. Initially focused on selling simple PCBS, we evolved to embrace advanced technology to ensure profitability. Our expanded product range and customer base, currently over 250 in Brazil, primarily comprising smaller and medium-sized businesses, reflect our commitment to meeting market demands. The ability to adapt and continually improve has been crucial in overcoming challenges and achieving success.


Brazil has been a consistently effective business unit for ICAPE Group. What factors contribute to this success?

The key to success in Brazil lies in a commitment to constant improvement. There is no secret recipe; it’s about adjusting to each unique project, dealing with situations, and identifying the best course of action. Viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow is essential. Flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement ensure effectiveness and success. Making mistakes is part of the growth process, learning from the positive experiences and letting go of the negative ones. Success is rooted in the ability to adjust and give our best in every situation.


Describe your leadership style and how it has positively impacted the organization.

In terms of leadership, my focus is on understanding the human side of our team members and helping them find their motivation. Motivation comes from within, and I guide them by sharing my experiences, passion for the job, and love for what I do. Leading by example, I encourage my team to find their own motivation, putting in extra effort to feel a sense of accomplishment and contribute to the community. The emphasis is not only on end results but on fostering positive relationships with colleagues, customers, and partners. Hard work, adaptability to challenges, and a collective sense of success contribute to creating a work environment where everyone can be as happy and fulfilled as I am, ultimately benefiting the team and the organization.

Over the years, Erika has built strong relationships with her customers.

Given that this article will be published on International Women’s Day, is there any advice you’d like to share, especially for female colleagues at ICAPE who aim to achieve the same success as you?

Certainly! In the professional world, gender should not be a limiting factor. While there are more male directors in the electronics markets, talented women are heading up our top management team. Whether just starting or with years of experience at ICAPE Group, continuous improvement, staying motivated, and contributing positively to company growth are always achievable goals.


What are your upcoming goals with ICAPE Group?

There is much to accomplish in Brazil, and I aim to further develop our sales team, explore new opportunities, and tap into the full potential of the Brazilian market. While there is no shortage of goals, I am also considering the possibility of an EVP position for the next step.


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