Flexible PCB: The Core Technology for Modern Devices

Flexible PCB The Core Technology for Modern Devices Innovation serves as the driving force behind every technological breakthrough. As we strive to make our devices smaller, lighter, and more adaptable to various applications, the traditional rigid printed circuit board (PCB) has evolved into its flexible counterpart, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Why would […]

Introduction to HDI PCB Microvias

This comprehensive guide will explore the different types of electronic connectors, delving into their key characteristics and use cases

ICAPE Group provides for the Railway industry, Smoke and Fire certified FR4 and IMS/MC PCBs.

ICAPE GROUP is one of the largest and most successful trading companies within Printed Circuit Board and related Technical Parts manufacturing. They offer a full range of technology services to customers in various industries worldwide, including the Railway Industry, through their three business solutions: IQTS (ICAPE Quick Turn Service), HMLV (High Mix Low Volume), and Mass Production.