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IDELEC and ICAPE Group join forces!

On June 1, IDELEC, a company specializing in the negotiation of printed circuit boards, technical parts, sub-assemblies, and tools, joined ICAPE Group. The company, based in Annecy, will strengthen the presence of ICAPE Group in a particularly dynamic sector.
Mr. Lozza Mr. Ducret Mr. Calvignac

Jean Michel Ducret (IDELEC-ICAPE), surrounded by Antoine Lozza (left) and Cyril Calvignac (right)

When IDELEC launched a call for the resumption of its activity, many companies were interested in this project. Its excellent results, its financial health, its experience, its know-how, its network of partners, its ideal geographical location, and its annual revenue exceeding 4.5 million euros promised to develop an ambitious project. On June 1, 2021, IDELEC chose to join ICAPE Group. The association of these two structures is the perfect illustration of “win-win”, as Jean-Michel Ducret, the founder of IDELEC believes: “ICAPE is a French group, which was created the same year as us. I thought about this project carefully and I chose to join ICAPE Group because we share the same values and the same ambitions for IDELEC. While ICAPE Group will benefit from IDELEC's expertise in its chosen sector, this know-how will be increased tenfold, supported and strengthened by the power and global organization of ICAPE Group."

IDELEC and ICAPE Group have many points in common and a similar vision of the future, but it is all their differences that will make their strengths, as Antoine Lozza, Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist for ICAPE Group explains: “Between IDELEC and ICAPE Group, there is a real synergy but also an excellent complementarity on the activity. While ICAPE Group excels in mass production and industrial support for its customers, IDELEC specializes in small volumes, delivered in 2 to 3 weeks to its customers, some of whom have been linked to the company since its creation in 1999."

IDELEC is ideally positioned geographically since the Rhône-Alpes is the 2nd most dynamic region in France, for electronics. Located in Annecy, it covers a large perimeter that is not limited to this single region. IDELEC markets it offers everywhere in France and offers the possibility of expanding in border countries, where ICAPE Group is established, such as Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, specifies the objectives: "In the short term, the first objectives of the structure under the name IDELEC-ICAPE, will be to stabilize and increase sales revenue. We will be present in the field, with long-standing IDELEC clients, to understand their needs and provide them with all the expertise and services of ICAPE Group. We plan to strengthen the workforce by creating this year a team dedicated to the IDELEC-ICAPE structure and to develop the IDELEC business model internationally. "

Mr. Lozza Mr. Ducret Mr. Calvignac

This new merger fits perfectly into the strategy of ICAPE Group. Since its creation in 1999, the group has experienced exponential organic growth to become one of the key players in the global electronics industry. But while the global economy has suffered from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, ICAPE Group relies on a business model perfectly suited to the situation (19 business units around the world and a Services Office with 250 employees in China), to study and carry out acquisition and merger opportunities, as explained by Thierry Ballenghien, President and Founder of ICAPE Group: “The global organization of ICAPE Group is proving particularly effective in this new industrial era, with its constraints and codes. ICAPE Group has been in a spectacular acceleration phase since the second half of 2020. This is why we are working on the development of our group on two axes. By creating new business units and proposing to other structures to join us, we provide a rapid, comprehensive, and efficient response to our clients. "After the acquisition of BA-Elektroniks (Germany) in March 2021 and the very promising results of this acquisition, ICAPE Group continues its expansion with IDELEC. Other mergers and acquisitions projects are currently under consideration in many countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Japan.

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