Surfaces Finishing and Solderability

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🔥 Unveiling the Secrets of Surfaces Finishing & Solderability! 💡🔗

Discover the crucial role that surface finish plays in the soldering process during our insightful webinar. 🛠️🔩

🕳️ Dive deep into the world of soldering and explore the process beyond the solderer. Understand how the correct sequence and ingredients combine to create exceptional solder joints. 🧪🔗

🔍🎓 Get ready to bridge the gap of knowledge as we uncover the often overlooked element of surface finish and its impact on the soldering process. 🔄💼

⚙️🔬 Explore the fundamentals of metallurgy in soldering and its connection to intermetallics. Understand how these intermetallics facilitate the bond between high-Tin solder and the various surface finishes available on a PCB. 🎛️🔗

📈🔄 Delve into a comparative analysis of different surface finishes, showcasing the differences in shelf life before assembly, wetting time during assembly, and joint strength after assembly. Gain valuable insights into choosing the right surface finish for optimal results. ⏳💪

🎯 Join us as we unravel the secrets behind surface finish and solderability, and gain a deeper understanding of this vital aspect of the soldering process. 📚🔗

Our speakers

Luffy ZHU

Engineering manager

Terry TU

Customer quality Team Leader

Friday December 15th 2023
10:00 am – 11:30 am Beijing time, China

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