Membrane Keypads

CIPEM provides and manufactures a wide offer of keypads. A membrane keypad is a type of user interface used in many electronic devices. It consists of a thin, flexible membrane layer that contains electrical contacts or switches, which can be pressed to register a keystroke or input. The membrane layer is typically made of a flexible polymer material, such as polyester or polycarbonate.


Anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-microbial, anti-UV… LED backlighting (1, 2 or 3 colors) or electroluminescent lamp Shiny or textured surface Digital printing or screen printing (silver ink, UV, phosphorus, carbon, etc.) Laser cutting Sealing up to IP67, -20°C/+60°C, resistant to chemicals and cleaning products.
membrane keypads

Custom Options

Two-tone compression Screen printing Pad printing Painting Laser engraving for backlighting, etc. Varied finishes: matte, glossy, PU, ​​epoxy varnishes… Metal or plastic over molding
membrane keypad custom options

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