CIPEM is your presence on the production lines at the heart of the electronic supply chain in China. We manage from the upstream stages of your project until the shipment of your parts. In addition, we ensure that your production is subject to strict control to achieve the desired quality.

We optimize the different time zones to ensure timely follow-up and the implementation of instant adjustments if necessary.

CIPEM Service Center uses all its resources to meet your needs. The engineering team ensures the industrialization of your project, the Quality team (QA) ensures that your products meet quality requirements and are manufactured in qualified factories and finally, our logistics team takes care of the delivery directly to your site.

Our Quality Control (QC) team is present daily on the production lines to ensure quality controls during the manufacturing process (In Process Quality Control System - IPQC) and collect the various industrial information (Request For Information - RFI) before shipments.Our quality system does not replace that of the factory but comes in addition to ensure that all your requirements are met.