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What's "Rigid-Flex"?


Drilling and plating are processed throughout the sandwiched areas.

Flex-Rigid PCB is a good solution for dynamic application. The whole cost can be profitable and increase the reliability of the device.

What makes Rigid-Flex Circuits different from Flex?


In a flex PCB with rigid stiffener, no plating through rigid part.

Rigid-Flex is a complex assembly of Rigid parts and Flex parts. Rigid Part can be designed as a HDI product.

Multilayer Rigid-Flex Circuits Structure


Rigid-Flex has conductors on the rigid layers, which differentiates it from multilayers circuits with stiffeners. Plated through-holes extend through both rigid and flexible layers (with the exception of blind and buried vias).

Access holes or exposed pads without covers may be on either one or both sides; vias or interconnects can be fully covered for maximum insulation.

Stiffeners are optional.

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