About the company

We are your specialist for high-quality PCB solutions. We combine our technological expertise made in Germany with the high-tech performance of selected production sites in China. And with first-class, individual consulting.
Your big advantage: flat hierarchies, quick decisions, efficient processes and highly attractive conditions. How do we reach the right price? With the right partners. With the right logistics. With the right customer orientation. And with many years of market expertise.
From the initial consultation to delivery, we’re on hand to give our clients professional support. This intensive dialogue serves to ensure permanent quality optimization. Our technical support finds the right answer to every challenge.
All processes and contracts are, of course, handled in German – making complex processes as smooth as possible for you.

Many years of market knowledge and quick decision processes allow us to flexibly adapt to market requirements. This efficiency enables us to work reliably, with high quality and at a reasonable price. That in turn guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction. With our team, we are serving a constantly growing customer base across all industries..


Bingling Sellam - Managing director

E-Mail: bingling.li@icape-group.com
Tel.: +33 1 58 18 39 31


Anton-Böck-Str. 30
81249 München, Germany

Christian Eibach - General Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 152 530 35 437