About the company

BA-Elektronik Europtech has been supplying printed circuit boards from sample quantities to series requirements since 2001 .

We can meet the following technological requirements:

  • Single sided circuits also with aluminum material for LED applications
  • Circuits plated through on both sides
  • Multi-layer boards up to 30 layers
  • HDI circuit boards in drilled or lasered design
  • Flexible and rigid-flexible circuits
  • Special technologies such as thick copper technology up to 210µ (series), 400µ as samples, ceramic substrates for high Tg applications
  • Sample production within 10 working days
Team Ba-Elektronik

We see ourselves as a reliable partner between our customers and our manufacturers from China. When selecting the circuit board manufacturer, technology, number of pieces and the field of application play a decisive role. We know the strengths of our partners and can respond specifically to your requirements. We visit our suppliers on site several times a year and have constant support in China.

However, our service is not limited to the production and delivery of the printed circuit boards. We also offer you competent support in the implementation of your projects, from the creation of the individual assembly benefit to the production of the precisely fitting paste stencils.

For major customers, mainly from the automotive industry and industrial automation, we open the way directly to the supplier. Our service ranges from efficient order processing to optimal customer support.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Together with our partners (mainly in Germany) we can also make you offers for fully equipped assemblies .

We also offer non-assembled cables . Our efficient partner, LTK Cable Ltd., has had extensive technological and manufacturing capabilities with a wide range of certified (UL, CUL, VDE, CSA, TÜV, CCC, PSE-Mark, F-Mark and Z-Mark) since 1981 ) Cables used around the world.

LTK Cable is represented exclusively on the European market by BA-Elektronik and takes over the support for existing and new customers.

For more detailed information, we refer to the “Cable product area”. You are also welcome to contact us directly.



BA-Elektronik joins the ICAPE group


Expansion of the sales team by Mr. Ernst Volk (graduate in business administration VWA)


Strategic partnership with Gainbase Industrial Ltd.


Expansion of the sales team in Schnaittenbach: Klaus Moucha (M.Sc.) joins BA electronics as a sales employee
Milestone achieved: Sales responsibility for USD 10 million


Establishment of sales office in Hong Kong - Europtech HK Ltd.
Business field expansion to include the product cable; Strategic partnership with LTK cable Ltd.
Milestone achieved: Sales responsibility for USD 7.5 million


Expansion of the team to include a Northeast sales office (owner Axel Fetting)
Move to a newly purchased office building


Milestone reached: Sales responsibility for USD 5 million


Milestone achieved: Sales responsibility for USD 1 million


Support for Nokia Germany
Approval of DML for the automotive industry
Establishment of a collaboration with ZF-Friedrichshafen AG; since then orders in the automotive sector


Marketing + Sales Support for Italian companies (Technomaster, Mipiemme, OMR)
Strategic realignment - distribution of printed circuit boards from China in Europe
Strategic partnership with Daisho Microline Limited


Foundation of BA Electronics Europtech


  • AST - Applied System Technology GmbH, Dresden
  • AST - Applied System Technology GmbH, Wolnzach
  • Conrad Electronic SE
  • Haushofer Electronic GmbH
  • helag-electronic GmbH
  • H-Tronic GmbH
  • Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH
  • Löhnert Electronics GmbH
  • Maturo GmbH
  • MCS MICRONIC Computer Systems GmbH
  • microSYST Systemelectronic GmbH
  • Mitsubishi Electrics
  • M-System Elektronik GmbH
  • Nägele circuit board assembly eK
  • Siegert Electronic GmbH
  • SKP Technik GmbH
  • VTQ Videotronik GmbH
  • Voigt electronic GmbH
  • Zollner AG


To contact BA-Elektronik, please call or Email Icape deutchland.

E-Mail: reiner.moucha@icape-de.com
Tel.: +49 7623 96 62 210


Hauptstrasse 25
D - 92253 Schnaittenbach