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Møn Print joins ICAPE Group !

From the 29th of August, Møn Print A/S joins ICAPE Group’s worldwide organization to become ICAPE Denmark.

Møn Print joins ICAPE Group

The global expansion of ICAPE Group continues with the acquisition of Møn Print A/S, a historic and renowned PCB supplier in Denmark, created in 1965. With this new step forward, ICAPE Group can rely on an extremely experienced and skilled team and target a massive improvement in its level of services in this dynamic country.

Møn Print made and belongs to the PCB history for more the five decades, with the experience of having been a production factory. Since 2014, the company focused on serving its 200 customers with a network of 13 factories, satisfying some of the greatest Danish names in the electronic industry.

Møn Print has built the reputation of being the only capable supplier for extremely complex projects, finding and creating the best solutions thanks to an incredible ability to face the most challenging situations.

Combined with the worldwide power of ICAPE Group’s organization, and the addition of ICAPE Group’s sales force, factory network, and services, this new entity will rise the bar to the highest level, as Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, explains:

“We are very proud to welcome such a talented team into our organization today, to strengthen our position in this region. Møn Print’s background in the Danish PCB industry is second to none, it’s very good news for Møn Print and ICAPE Group’s customers in Denmark that we join forces from now as we will share all ICAPE Group’s range of services with a local actor of the PCB industry. We are convinced that the level of service that we will be able to provide will be unmatched in this market.”

Tina Perdersen, CEO of Møn Print, is also very optimistic about the future of ICAPE Denmark: “ICAPE Group is a great structure with local offices in many countries, and with more than 600 employees around the world. Thanks to its organization, network, global strategy, and proven processes, ICAPE Group became a major player in the PCB industry. We are happy to integrate such a serious, dedicated, and successful company to look ahead with confidence for our customers. With ICAPE Group, we expect to be one of the leading PCB suppliers in Denmark.”

ICAPE Denmark will continue to operate from the Møn Print facility in Stege with its actual team, which will be reinforced by ICAPE Group’s local sales Engineers in the country. In the coming years, ICAPE Denmark expects a regular and spectacular growth in revenues.

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