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ICAPE-Mexico grand opening

ICAPE Group, a leading supplier of PCB and Electro-Mechanical technical parts from China, is proud to announce that, effective June 1, 2016, we are opening a new subsidiary in Mexico City to service Latin American customers.

Mexico has one of the strongest economies in the Latin American market, with an industrial sector share of more than 30% of the GDP and 2.4% of GDP growth in 2015. This provides some great opportunities for ICAPE to support the industrial sector in Mexico. We anticipate even more growth opportunities knowing that these statistics are fed by USA industrial factory activities off shore in Mexico, in which case, ICAPE-Mexico plans to have a close collaboration to develop some global (USA/Mexico) accounts.

For our ICAPE-USA customers and prospects with facilities in both USA and Mexico, your current ICAPE-USA sales engineer is pleased to discuss how ICAPE-USA and ICAPE-Mexico will collaborate and support you with excellent services in both countries, and how we can further enhance your Mexican/global operations.

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