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ICAPE Group extends its range of services with the creation of DIVSYS France!

With its global organization and its privileged situation in the electronics industry, ICAPE Group is adding a new entity to its arsenal of services with the creation of DIVSYS France, a structure dedicated to engineering, headed by Mr. Fabrice Peron.
Fabrice Peron

Fabrice Peron, Director of DIVSYS France.

ICAPE Group, a French company created by Thierry Ballenghien in 1999, is a reference for the supply of printed circuit boards and customized technical parts on an international scale. With more than 500 employees, half of them in China in an ultra-modern services office close to its 75 partner factories, ICAPE Group has deployed a network of 21 business units around the world for 20 years. Today, ICAPE Group distributes no less than 28 million electronic parts every month, in more than 70 countries.

With this organization and its strong knowledge of the electronics industry, the French group is now expanding its range of services, with the creation of DIVSYS France, headed by Fabrice Peron:

"With DIVSYS France, we are entering a new phase of growth for the ICAPE group and bringing new solutions to our customers. Until now, the development phase was a service that could be provided by CIPEM (the group’s organization dedicated to technical parts), but we found that the demand was growing. To respond to our customers, but also to go even further upstream, we decided to invest and create a dedicated structure with the capacity to offer our services from the first phase of their industrial project and to support them throughout their project, with development, prototyping, homologation, optimization, right up to the industrialization and distribution of their products. "

Fabrice Peron

ICAPE Group's business model now extends from engineering to the delivery of the finished product.

This new range of services is in line with the philosophy of ICAPE Group, which has been a global solution for its customers for more than 20 years. With DIVSYS France, the service starts even earlier, by bringing together all the assets which are at the origin of the success of the ICAPE Group, according to Christelle Bonnevie, Executive VP of CIPEM: "ICAPE and CIPEM are positioned on the industrialization and production of our customers' projects. The objective of DIVSYS France will be to cover the entire development of the product, from design to manufacturing and delivery. DIVSYS France will cover all the value creation processes of complete products, calling on all the strengths of ICAPE Group. An "All-in-one" solution, capable of covering all of our customers' needs thanks to all the group's activities, and which also has the advantage of offering a single information channel, with a single point of contact for the entire project. "

With this new creation, ICAPE group continues its incredible expansion. Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, adds: "Innovation is a real driver for ICAPE Group. Until now, our customers came to us with projects, and we offered them our expertise to guide them and optimize some technical choices. The engineering and product development phase is exciting! While the group is going through an exceptional growth phase, we have chosen to invest and always deepen the relationship we have with our customers. With DIVSYS France, we are now able to offer them new services and to accompany them from the beginning of their projects. The DIVSYS France project was launched at the best time for our customers, who have to respond to particularly strong demand. It was, therefore, important to offer all the tools and solutions necessary to bring them the benefits of our quality of service, the power of our organization on their production processes and to help them be ever more competitive. »

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