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ICAPE Group acquires BA Elektronik in Germany

ICAPE Group continues to grow in Germany. After inaugurating new offices earlier in 2021 for ICAPE Deutschland in Rheinfelden – Herten, the group announced on March 1st, the acquisition of BA Elektronik, a printed circuit board and cable supplier located in Schnaittenbach, in the southeast of the country.


This is another milestone for ICAPE Group activities in Germany. Despite a difficult economic context in the country, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICAPE Group recorded impressive results in 2020 and is starting 2021 with a strategic strike, by acquiring BA Elektronik Europtech. Mr. Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, and Mr. Reiner Moucha, founder of BA-E, are delighted to announce the merger of BA-E’s activities with the German business unit of ICAPE Group. “We have known ICAPE Group and its organization since we founded the company, back in 2001. We had the opportunity to meet at trades show, where our booths were nearby. As we knew that ICAPE has a good structure in China as well, we contacted Mr. Manco and checked if there was a possibility for collaboration in the PCB sector."


"Then everything went smoothly”, explains Mr. Moucha. “I contacted Mr. Manco and Mr. Calvignac, and both had been interested. From the first meetings, we realized very quickly, that both sides have the same philosophy and swim on the same wave. Everything went easy and without any problems, as both sides showed a big trust to each other”. From ICAPE Group’s Mr. Cyril Calvignac, this acquisition is a strong point to extend the business opportunities of ICAPE Deutschland: “One of the biggest commitments of ICAPE Group is proximity. BA Elektronik has a perfect location to manage and develop new businesses from East Germany and the neighboring countries. We closely monitor BA Elektronik Europtech’s activities for a long time and when Mr. Moucha opened the conversation, we were happy and motivated to work in this direction.”

BA Elektronik Europtech will now operate under the banner of ICAPE Deutschland from their current office where its employees will bring their customers, prospects, suppliers, and deep knowledge, in addition to the German team of ICAPE Group. In 2020, ICAPE Deutschland recorded a sales revenue of 15 million euros and a forecast of 20 million euros in 2021.

WALTER MANCO, Director of ICAPE DEUTSCHLAND: «ICAPE Group can rely on a strong global organization with 19 business units, around the world. ICAPE Deutschland, located in Rheinfelden - Herten, is on the borders of three countries with France and Switzerland. With the addition of BA Elektronik, in eastern of Germany, we created a very efficient network to be as close as possible to our customers and develop our activities in the German territory.BA Elektronik is a well established company with employees familiar with Asian culture and businesses. This gives us an incredible perspective for the future and we look forward to excellent results with them by our side »


ICAPE Deutschland
Gottlieb Daimler Str.2
79618 Rheinfelden - Herten , Germany
Tel : +49 7623 96 62 210


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