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How do you mitigate the risk of lead time increases on your printed circuit boards?

Currently, there is a worldwide capacity issue on ome of the major components of PDCBs: COPPER FOIL. The concequences are: Lead Time and Price Increases.

One way to eliminate the disruption in your PCB supply chain is through flexibility on the raw material. BUT that selection becomes more and more complex and requires more and more Printed Circuit Board expertise.

ICAPE USA, member of ICAPE Group supports our customers by providing them, at no charge, the opportunity to consult with our experts about their application. Then guide them on the proper selection of available material.

Our Stengh is having experts based in the U.S. with more than 30 years of PCB manufacturing experience. We also have state of art, in-house laboratory to speed up the qualification process.

PHONE: (765) 431-1271

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