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Great success for ICAPE Group at Semicon West 2017 in the USA

It is with great excitement and pride that we report on a hugely successful exhibition, Semicon West 2017 in San Francisco, which has recently taken place.

ICAPE California Director, Paulo Franca, attended the 3-day exhibition in San Francisco and had the opportunity to introduce ICAPE’s services.

“This exhibition was a true success: allowing me to further introduce our offers to our current and potential customers.", Paulo Franca said.

We are truly thankful for the positive feedback received from our customers and from our new prospects during this 3-day event. The great attendance clearly shows the success of this trade show and the very solid position we enjoy in the market. ICAPE Group warmly thanks all the visitors for their positive interest in our company.

It is crucial for us to be close to our customers and events like Semicon West allows us to be even closer. Thanks to our proximity to our customers, we keep a close eye on their current and emerging needs.

"Building on this success, ICAPE Group has already decided to attend SEMICON West in 2018", Loïc Pasco, ICAPE Marketing Director, said.

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