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ICAPE Group Sales increased by +35% in 2012. Meeting us in Sao Paulo and Moscow!

ICAPE Group, European leader in Printed Circuit Board production and Custom-made Technical parts, today announced a consolidated turnover of 43.7 millions of EUR in 2012, +35% in comparison to the result of 2011 (32 M€).

“Since the beginning of 2012, we have experienced extremely strong sales growth across different markets, fruit of the continuous efforts of our teams in prospection and of our world-wide exhibitions strategy in 2011”, said Thomas CHEA, ICAPE Group Marketing Director, “and the outlook of our business in Q1 2013 is excellent, on good way to achieve and exceed
our plan for 2013”

Leveraging the momentum of this dynamics, and in view of the new business plan, ICAPE Group expects to achieve over 53 M€ in 2013, representing a new jump of +20%.

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