Cable, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Wire Harnesses

Quality Cable and Connectors at competitive cost from China !

CIPEM is able to provide assemblies of cables, connectors and subsystems according to drawings and customer’s specifications:

Cable assemblies :

• Standard cables (RJ45, RJ11, USB, HDMI…)
• Special cables (multi-wire, twisted, shielded, mixed connectors,…)
• Cables for power supply (CE, UK, US,…)
• Flat cables
• Wire harnesses
• Optic fiber cables

Connector manufacturing :

• Standard connectors (multi-contacts, coaxial, cylindrical…)
• Special connectors according to drawings and specifications
• Assembled connectors
• Connector blocks

Sub-systems / pre-equipped cables assemblies:

• AP/RT Antenna
• Wifi Antenna, relay Antenna

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