Printed Circuit Boards and Custom-Made Technical Parts

Quality PCB and Technical Parts Manufactured in China


ICAPE is a company specialized and expert for Printed Circuit Boards production in China.

We have built a network of about 25 strategic partners in China and Taiwan for PCB manufacturing. Each factory is specialized in different technologies and services, which allows us to satisfy all types of needs and requirements for our customers.

ICAPE ensures the complete follow-up of requests and orders from customers : answers to request for quotes, answers to technical questions, samples manufacturing, engineering analysis, mass
production follow-up, logistic organization, quality control, testing and  after sales services.

ICAPE is certified ISO 9001-2015 and has a strong central ERP system. (multi currencies and multi languages)


CIPEM is a subsidiary specialized in Custom-Made Technical Parts manufacturing, according to customer’s specifications, files and drawings. Our network, over 50 expert and specialized factories, can support all types of products needs and requests : plastic parts, metal parts, metal boxes, heat sinks, cables, connectors, keyboards, keypads, power supply, chargers, coils, LED, LCD displays, special parts, sub-systems, modules, etc…

All those factories and corresponding technologies are followed up by a team of technical specialists based in China.

have complementary activities and it brings an important synergy inside the whole group. The large size of our organization and our strong actual business growth are the best evidences of our real success today with many customers.
ICAPE Group has developed many additional Professional Services that give to our customers all the benefits of a manufacturer, together with all essential necessary services for buying well in Asia at the most competitive costs.