A complete program of Technical Days to learn more about Printed Circuit Boards and Technical Parts!

TECHNICAL Days in Europe

ICAPE Group has been specialized in technical consulting and Printed Circuit Boards sourcing (PCBs) in Asia since 1999. Each year, lCAPE Group develops its organization and level of services in all areas.

As the European leader in its field, ICAPE Group is aware of its field development. In order to better serve and structure customer needs, ICAPE Group has recently integrated an adaptable technical support according to the interlocutor and the current market.

For several months, we have analyzed and structured the current market needs in terms of technical and general training in the field of PCB and Technical Parts. We have gathered and developed these needs with the help of our engineers, experts in PCBs and Technical Parts, in order to synthesize them in 7 themes discussed during our Technical Days.


  • Single Sided and Polymer PCB
  • PCB Manufacturing Processes
  • Multilayer technologies and HDI
  • Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB
  • Products from CIPEM
  • Lighting and Power
  • Design to cost

These conferences are free of charge, and will be held in our conference center in Fontenay-aux-Roses, South of Paris.

Our Technical Days event can also be held in our Business Units all over the world or at our customers’ place. In general, lectures will be provided in English but could also be in French, depending on the audience.

Should you be interested, please email us at info@icape-group.com

Dates of Technical Days

Date Place
January 27th 2021 Italy
February 2nd 2021 France
February 17th 2021 Seweden
March 2nd 2021 South Africa
March 10th 2021 Denmark
March 23rd 2021 Brasil
April 7th 2021 Spain
April 14th 2021 Finland
April 15th 2021 Germany
April 21st 2021 Italy
May 12th 2021 Thailand
May 18th 2021 Japan
May 20th 2021 Japan
May 27th 2021 Russia
June 22th 2021 Brasil
September 7th 2021 Spain
September 9th 2021 Malaysia
September 15th 2021 Poland
September 21st 2021 Brasil
October 19th 2021 France
October 27th 2021 Germany
November 16th 2021 India



ICAPE-DIVSYS also invites their customers in USA to spend a day with these Technical experts in Printed Circuit Boards and Assembly Processes. The day will feature three 45 minute Technical presentation, Tours, Lunch and snacks, and two workshops.

While the topics are technical in nature, they do not require a technical background. They are intended for participants from all disciplines from Purchasing to Quality.

We expect the workshops to be interactive, and invite customer participation with questions and comments.

We understand the busy schedules of all of our customers, so the presentations and workshops may be attended for the entire day, or just for topics of specific interest.


  • Laminates choices and Proper selection
  • Surface Finishes and their Applications and Limitations
  • Via Structures and their uses
  • Copper plating and Understanding thickness
  • Cleanliness understanding the terms and the implications
  • Why does the bare board and the assembly have the same standard?
  • Laminate choices, glass transition temperature and lead-free compatibility, Conductive Anodic Filament Growth, Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) application
  • Surface finishes (OSP, HASL, immersion silver and ENIG). Tin Whiskers
  • Via Structures (Through-hole, Blind, Buried, HDI, Stacked, Via-in-pad, Resin Filling, Conductive filling)
  • Ounces verses Mils in copper plating. Differences in inner-layer and outer layer requirements
  • Cleanliness (ionic contamination, organic contamination and intermetallic growth)
  • Measurement Techniques for cleanliness (Gross Ion Accumulation or Ionograph, Ion Chromatography, Resistivity of Solvent Extract

Dates of Technical Days

Date Place
March 17th 2021 USA
june 16th 2021 USA
September 29th 2021 USA