Your turnkey solution

We help turn your ideas into products!

DIVSYS FRANCE provides you with turnkey support for the development of your products by offering you a complete service from design to series production.



We take your ideas and turn them into a full-fledged design.



We select the perfect partner factory and use our leverage to get you a better price than you could on your own.



We are already near your production, so you don’t need to be! No need to fly across the planet to keep up with your production.


Product vision

Step 01

Design thinking

We transform your idea into a functional product while respecting your requirements in terms of quality, cost, deadline, and environment.

Step 02


Together we define your needs, your specifications, the risks, and the feasibility of your project.
Our engineers and project managers will walk you through their findings to review viability, feasibility, and product development options.


Step 03


Engineering is invaluable during each phase of product development and is the main contributor to the success of a product.

Step 04

Proof of concept

We determine the feasibility of the idea and we verify that the idea will function as envisioned from a technical and technology standpoint.


Prototyping & testings

Step 05


This development phase will make it possible both to finalize the technical development of the product , and to determine a precise unit cost price while preparing and anticipating the next stage: industrialization.
We also take care of the analysis of the life cycle of your product in order to lessen its environmental impact and to improve the design of your product (eco-design).
We rely on our sister companies (members of ICAPE Group) for the production of mechanical parts and electronic cards for your «good material» functional prototype.

Step 06


Our experience and our capacity for integration and industrialization, allow us to support both the production of parts and mechanical assemblies, as well as the production of electronic boards, the assembly of the various elements, the implementation of tests, and the quality and packaging management in order to deliver a ready to sell product.

All-in-one solution

Step 07


The serial production of the project will go through our partner factories located in Southeast Asia.
Throughout the life of your project, DIVSYS France remains your only contact window to ensure the smooth running of the project and avoid any loss of information.

Step 08


We offer worldwide supply chain expertise for deliveries in any situation!
We have five main logistics platforms located in Europe (3: France & Austria & Germany), in the USA (Indiana) and in Hong Kong allowing us to ship everywhere and to offer VMI as well as CMI to all our customers.

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Fabrice Peron

Fabrice Peron, Director of DIVSYS France.