Certification Feu Fumée


ICAPE Group successfully passed the Feu Fumée tests for 8 PCB types used in the railway industy

Certification IATA


Connie ZHU has successfully passed the examination for air transport of dangerous goods including Lithium batteries.

Zhu Certification

Supplier Ethics Policy


ICAPE Group is committed to ensuring business is conducted in a way that promotes ethical behavior and legal compliance.

ICAPE GROUP Supplier Ethics Policy

Conflict Minerals - ICAPE Group Policy Statement


ICAPE Group has a strong commitement to integrity and social responsability


ISO 9001:2015 (AFNOR Certificate)


It means the operation and the management of ICAPE is conform to the requirement defined in ISO 9001. ICAPE is running with good quality.

Certification ICAPE DONGGUAN ISO 9001:2015

Certification ICAPE DIVSYS ISO 9001:2015

IPC Member Certificate


The association has issued a series of industrial standards about PCBs, components and PCB assembly. Those standards is widely recognized by our suppliers and our customers.

IPC Membership

IPC Training Certificates


IPC A 600 is the Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Circuit Boards defined by IPC.
The IPC-A-610 comes into view when the electronics are ready to the point that the components are soldered to the circuit board and are ready for installation.

Shaun Certification IPC A 610

Jack Certification IPC A 6012D

Shelly Certification IPC A 6012D

PeterCertification IPC A 6012E

Kevin Certification IPC 6012E

VDA 6.3 Training Certificates


2 colleagues got the training certificates because they had trained and qualified by the authorized agency.

Peter Certification

Trax ISO 9001:2015


It means the operation and the management of Trax is conform to the requirement defined in ISO 9001. Trax is running with good quality.

Trax Certification