CIPEM offers a wide range of adapters.

CIPEM provides switching mode adapter, open frame power supply, car charger, USB charger, LED driver.

CIPEM products are CE, UL, FCC, SAA, CCC, PSE, KC or PSB certified.

CIPEM can offer common types of adapters but mainly custom ones. With an offer ranging from AC to DC power supply from low power (2,5W) to high power (300W).


AC Adapters vs DC Adapters

(AC) is an electric current that reverses direction in a circuit at regular intervals. This means that the amount of current (measured in amperes) goes from positive to negative at a regular interval. This interval is measured in cycles per second, or hertz.

An AC adapter is used to convert one AC voltage into another AC voltage.

(DC) is an electric current flowing in one direction only. Therefore, the direct current remains flowing in a constant direction, with no changes in frequency or polarity (changing from positive to negative).

A DC adapter differs from an AC adapter in that the DC adapter converts AC electricity into DC electricity.

AC chargers charge the battery in a shorter time period whereas DC chargers need a longer time period.

AC outlets and power sockets are very convenient and easy to use whereas DC charging units have special outlet for more power production.

AC chargers are mostly used in homes whereas DC chargers are mainly used in businesses.


The following table is a brief summary of CIPEM adapter capabilities


The following raw materials compose CIPEM adapters

Open Frame power supply devices are custom made with standard components to be perfectly compatible with a specifically intented electrical device. There are a couple of advantages of using an open frame power supply : it cant fit into a way smaller device than most other power supplies, it can also change the amount of voltage that the electronic device receives as necessary and is way quicker to produce.