Membrane switch Keypads

Hey tech aficionados! 🚀 Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Membrane Switch Keypads in our upcoming webinar. 🎮🔍 We’re about to unveil the secrets behind:

🔬 Material and Grade Selection: Discover the science behind choosing the right materials and grades for top-notch keypads.

🖌️ Design Options: Explore creative design possibilities that will make your keypads stand out!

⚡ Electrical Contacts Solutions: Uncover the magic that keeps your keypads responsive and reliable.

💡 Backlight Technologies: Shed light on how backlighting can enhance your user experience.

🌊 IP Degree of Protection: Learn how to protect your keypads from the elements and ensure durability.

🎨 Processes Involved: Dive into the fascinating world of digital printing and screen-printing.

🔌 Components Integration: Master the art of seamlessly integrating components into your keypads.

Join us for this knowledge-packed event and gain insights, tips, and tricks that will supercharge your keypad projects! 🛠️

Your curiosity is your ticket to keypad mastery! 🌈📲

Our speakers

Frédéric Lelièvre
Sales & Keypad Specialist, CIPEM

Robin Pedoussaut

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Wednesday November 22th 2023
10:00 – 11:00 am CET

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