История успеха компании ICAPE

Прочитайте отзывы наших клиентов о выполненных нами проектах по печатным платам и заказным техническим деталям.

Britania, бразильская компания, основанная 60 лет назад, поглотила бренд American Philco в 2007 году. Это предприятие выбрало CIPEM в качества поставщика технических деталей для своего проекта по водораспределителям. Все это благодаря оказываемой нами полной технической поддержке, мгновенного реагирования, хороших цен и условий оплаты.


Менеджер по закупкам компании Britania, Brazil

"Одним из примеров нашего успешного сотрудничества с компанией CIPEM является реализация проекта INTESENS, для которого в кратчайшие сроки были изготовлены пластиковые корпуса.

Реализовать проект было очень сложно, но переговоры напрямую между инженерами CIPEM и LACROIX сэкономили много времени. В целом, можно сказать, что обе компании очень хорошо вели проект, что позволило достигнуть поставленных целей и посодействовало развитию новых проектов с CIPEM".


Закупщик компании LACROIX, France

"ACTIA Automotive started a supplier partnership with ICAPE in 2015.

Their technical expertise in the PCB environment, the responsiveness of interlocutors as well as competitiveness at the price level make them a strategic partner."


ACTIA's Mass Production Purchaser PCB, France

" We have found with ICAPE the ideal partner for short times productions and prices; being very competitive and with quick answers make TEMA's Custom Electronics always be a pride of Made in Italy production."


TEMA S.p.A. Customer Service, Italy

We started our partnership with PCB development and Batteries in 2015. We could verify the good quality and environment with our projects. So, we decide to have our products will be manufactory under the CIPEM supervision. We have PCBA and plastics molds with very good quality in the shortest time and with attractive cost.


SAT Company's Director, Brazil

"ICAPE Group have been a very good supplier to TCM Electronics for bare PCBs. They are extremely competitive on pricing with excellent lead times.

We have great support from their customer service personnel, very fast with responses and able to assist in almost every occasion."


Case Nathan, Managing Director, Hong Kong

" We like to thanks CIPEM company and CIPEM team. For the professionality and the excellent cooperation with the engineering and logistic teams.

All this with quick response and good quality, make CIPEM one of our strategic Sub-contractor. And a partner for our success."


Mordechai Liat, Purchasing Manager, Hong Kong

"ICAPE Group and Enpi Elektronik have collaborated for several years in the design and manufacturing of PCB(s). ICAPE's expertise in technology development and manufacturing complements Enpi Elektronik's 15-year experience in the development, sales, marketing and Cusomer Service in PCB projects, continuously strengthening their leading position in the Turkey markets. "


Eyinc Başak, Purchasing & Logistics Specialist, Hong Kong

"Trax Offshore Manufacturing and ICAPE have shared a growing Business Partnership for several years. This Partnership has matured over the past two years to the extent that we have grown business exponentially.

We attribute much of this growth to the following factors:

- Competitive Pricing offered by ICAPE and its partners.

- Consistently good quality Printed Circuit Boards delivered by ICAPE. This includes boards, packaging, and reporting of specifications.

- Trax encouraring its customers to move to Offshore Manufacturing by promoting ICAPE as a supplier. ICAPE has always opened a door to Trax with its intentions of creating a much more established Partnership through a formal Partnership Agreement...Trax remains committed to establishing this role as a key contact point in South Africa for ICAPE.

ICAPE is the only Offshore supplier to Trax that has made the effort to visit us at our facility over the years that we have been dealing with Offshore suppliers. This is a sign of their commitment to its direct customers.

We look forward to entrenching our relationship with ICAPE into the future..."


Tait Anton, Sales Manager, Hong Kong