ICAPE Group offers a solid logistics organization to serve our customers in every territory

The group has developed a very solid and efficient logistics organization. Year by year, we provide complete services to our customers all around the world.

Our activities in the logistics field can be divided into three groups.

Worldwide Customers services activities

ICAPE Group takes care of customer’s orders and logistic issues

Our team negotiates the best lead times for your products and follows up with the factories in order to make sure that they will ship your goods on time. Our team will also take care of our forwarder’s partners in order to optimize the transport of your goods, tracking them until the final delivery to your factory or warehouse.

We are currently using 3 transport modes:

  • Transport by air: standard transport mode by air.5 to 10 days
  • Transport by train (Only Europe): 5 weeks
  • Transport by sea: low cost transport for large volumes. 7-8 weeks

To be always ahead of the curve, we will have access to new train lines  for easier access to the European Market


Strategic cost optimization tasks

Since its foundation in 1999, ICAPE Group has been continually negotiating its freight and transport costs at the best rates. Due to the large quantities transported every day, our customers can take advantage of these competitive rates to transport their goods. For each order, our worldwide logistics team works closely with our forwarders, to make all necessary groupages to minimize costs. By doing so, we are able to transport your small quantities at “high quantities” transport and freight rates.

Logistic Team

ICAPE Group logistics department covers all networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our customer services. A very professional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system has been developed and helps us manage all our orders and shipments. The Logistics Team can also take care of your consignment stocks when quantities are large and stable.

Our own Packaging

We deliver each product with our own cartons, more resistant, with triple cyanide, to ensure hassle-free transport even in the longest delays. Our added value is our ability to transport high risk and unwieldy products, such as batteries.


Our team were trained and graduated by the IATA (DGR) certification. Theses training help us to stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and procedures. Moreover theses training ensure us that your dangerous goods shipments comply with industry standards.

ICAPE Group has business units based on all continents to be the closest possible to its customers. Our customer service offers a full service: from quotation to delivery. Our team in China offers appropriate logistics solutions. They modify transport methods, according to the situation. This ensures that all orders are delivered in a qualitative and timely manner.

Proactive and forward thinking, ICAPE Group is always looking for better fitted solutions to meet your needs at competitive prices.

Our logistics department has a complete visibility of all the flows thanks to our global traceability system. Hundreds of thousands of expeditions are sent everyday.

Our worldwide organization through consolidation allows us to offer you competitive rates in addition to an economic approach, it is also an ecological strategy.

With our customs expertise, we are able to deliver in every countries. We work with certified freight forwarders AEO (authorized economic operator).


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