ICAPE offers a wide range of solutions for Heavy Copper structure. We propose to meet your PCB needs and brings you the better compromise between technology and cost.

Issue: Interest in Power Electronics has grown dramatically in the last few years with increasing need for Electric Power management and control (Smart Grid), renewable energy generation and control (wind power, photovoltaic, etc) electric transportation, and the desire to improve operating efficiency of heavy systems (trains, industrials motors, electric vehicle, etc).

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Heavy Copper's Advantages


The construction of a heavy copper circuit endows a board with benefit such as:


What is "Heavy Copper"?

Heavy Copper

A heavy Copper PCB is a double sided or multilayer PCB with a copper base thicker than 3 oz (105µm) on a 1 sqft PB area.


Various Copper Thickness


From ½ oz up to 3 oz : standard copper thickness


From 4 oz up to 6 oz : heavy copper


From 10 up to 30 oz : super heavy copper


How can we design heavy copper or super heavy copper PCB?


The raw material must consist of high TG (glass transition temperature) materials to withstand the high mechanical stress applied to the plated holes. The coefficient of thermal expansion of copper differs from that of the FR4 resin.

Large copper ratio leads the assembly profile to apply more heat over a longer period. You need to do different steps:

- PCB technology choice: Single sided up to ML 16.


- Base Material Choice: High performance FR4 , Low CTE, High CTI, CAF resistant , High Tg , Polyimide

- Trace Calculation





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