Double sided PCB is a board with traces on both sides. The two faces are connected by plated holes. Single sided PCB are good for many applications, but when the circuit requires a certain level of complexity or needs to be compact, Double Sided PCB’s are necessary. Today, Double Sided Plated Through Holes, also called DSPTH, are the most mainstream kind of PCB in the market. ICAPE Group offers a wide range of materials for the boards and the holes. With more that 20 years of experience, we can ensure the best products, the best quality and the best prices.

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Multiple materials are available for board manufacturing. The most used is FR4, which is a costly material, but CEM3 is also possible. The traditional method of making the electrical connections between the top and the bottom is to drill holes plated with a conductive material (usually copper) to provide an electrical connection between the two surfaces. The holes can also be punched and filled by specific materials ( copper, silver ink and carbon).

HAL is mostly used to plate the holes, but OSP, enig, tin and silver are also possible. In the last three decades, the density of connections grown up on this technology. Lines and spaces (L/S) decreased from 150µ, wich is the most common use, and even 75µ or 50µ for some specific applications! For the hole size, it's now down to 0,2mm. This downsizing allows more density and a huge gain on the sizes of the PCBs. The solder mask is usually green, but a lot of differents colors is available.



A Double Sided PCB is low cost and environmentally friendly. Silkscreen printing utilized in Through hole silver circuit is not harsh nor hazardous, which allows for the use of economical board materials. The reliability is very high because the holes are chemically cleaned and activated to ensure good plating and connection with the top and bottom layers.

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