About the company

MMAB operates a factory in Malmö, Sweden that has been manufacturing prototypes and small volumes since the 1970s. Major investments has recently been done in the factory to increase the capability and focus on sustainability.

MMAB specializes in producing quick prototypes and small volumes of single and double layer Printed Circuit Boards, as well as Multilayer PCBs. Our staff have extensive experience in special solutions such as aluminum boards, heavy copper, high frequency base materials, large antennas and mechanically challenging details

Our strengths with a high service level, quick reply and technical support, customer specific DFM, IPC knowledge and seminars with factory tour as well as seminars at customer site, are highly appreciated among our customers.

Capability summary

Monthly capacity 500m² / month
Main production SS; 2L; 4L; 6L; 8L; 10L; 12L; 14L
Leadtime Quick-turn
2L -> 3-5WD+transport
4L -> 4-6WD+transport
6L -> 5-7WD+transport
Normal lead-time:
Minimum gap 100µm (4mil)
Certifications ISO9001:2015 and UL
Main industries Industrial, energy, medtech, defence, IoT, communication, antennas
New equipment Direct metallization line
UV direct exposure
Multilayer registration & press


MMAB ISO 9001:2015


Printed Circuit Boards

Our factory in Sweden can handle Quick Turn, prototypes and medium volume of Multilayer boards and single sided as well as double sided PCB´s. Our coworkers long experience of PCB production makes it possible to offer flexible production and special solutions, such as aluminum boards, high frequency pcb´s, large antennas and heavy copper for power applications.

Our Printed Circuit Boards are used for all kind of applications – Robots for automation, sensors, IoT, communication, defence, aerospace, radar, medtech, telecom, automotive, ligthing, power grids and offshore.

Special solutions

Our flexible production unit in Sweden offer many special solutions such as different soldermask colors , V – cut, depth controlled routing, heavy copper or peelable mask. We can also offer material without copper for insulation, panels and fixtures.

Volume production, HDI, Flex boards

Our partners in China can supply both small as well as large volumes of 1-32 layers in FR-4 and most kind of base materials for high temperature or high frequency. We can also offer HDI boards with microvias, HDI, plug and plate vias for via in pad, high frequency material, Flex and Flex-Rigid.

Metal base & LED

MMAB are a development partner for thermal conductive PCB ́s, such as aluminum substrates IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) and other base materials for LED lighting. This have given us an advantage on the market for cost efficient manufacturing of metal base boards in our Swedish factory.

High Frequency base materials & Antennas

MMAB can offer base material for low loss and low as well as stable dielectric constant. Unique for MMAB is our manufacturing of very large FR – 4 antennas and conductive patterns for radomes.

RF & Antennas

We have extensive experience and knowledge in manufacturing of PCB antennas and printed circuit boards for radomes. Our production equipment at our factory in Sweden is unique and we are able to manufacture antennas and printed circuit boards for radomes up to 3000 mm in length on rigid or flexible laminates.