CIPEM offers a wide range of A.C and D.C Motors

The most basic difference is the permanent magnet. Indeed, A.C Motors do not have a permanent magnet whereas a D.C motor is a permanent magnet motor. A permanent magnet generates a permanent magnetic field in contrast to an electromagnet, which only behaves like a magnet when an electric current is flying through. In General, A.C Motors are more powerful than D.C motors.

A.C and D.C motors are used for different applications.

A.C and D.C Motors are used for different applications. A.C: Home appliances, Vacuum cleaners, etc. D.C: Power tools, Robots, Automotive, Medical, etc.

Brushed motors are cheaper but emit more noise, whereas brushless motors are more expensive but emit less noise. In a brushed motor the current is transferred mechanically via metallic brushes, whereas in a brushless motor the rotor is turned electronically with no need for physical contacts.


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