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ICAPE Group strenghtens in Japan

Since 2007, where the firsts action were driven in Japan by ICAPE Group, the company has taken more and more parts of the market in this country which leads the group to open a new business unit, with an experienced and technical director.


ICAPE Group has a strong worldwide organization with 19 business units over the world and the company keeps growing each year since day one, back in 1999. As a response to increasing demand for the Japanese market, the company is opening a new profit center in Tokyo, led by Olivier Voisin. A new milestone for the company and its director in Japan, Olivier Voisin: “With 25+ PCB partner factories and 50 + Technical Parts factories, ICAPE group can propose Printed Circuit Boards and custom-made Technical Parts solutions for OEM and EMS needs in Japan, thanks to our strategic locations in Asia, and especially in China. Our technical expertise, responsiveness as well as competitiveness at the price level, makes us the best strategic partner for Japanese electronics companies. Now, with the addition of the Japanese entity, been registered in Japan since July 2020, we are able to support fully locally and in Japanese».


The Japanese market of electronics is high technology-oriented, and very challenging. But ICAPE Group, which is present in Japan since more than 13 years by its sales engineers team located in Hong Kong, is ready for the next step, according to Thomas Chea, Vice President Asia of the group: “Japan is a mature market of electronics, and is present on almost all its markets segments. So, the needs range from basic boards to very high end and complicate HDI boards. Customers generally have high expectations in quality and best in class certifications are just standard in Japan. This no surprise when we know that Japan is the world’s third largest automobile manufacturing country and have created many quality management standards, and has the largest electronics goods industry, and is often ranked among the world’s most innovative countries in terms of global patent filings.”

But, how can ICAPE Group aim to be competitive in this market? Olivier Voisin has strong arguments: “We can see already that Japan is pursuing a new direction of technology and services. Domestic firms have been facing increasing challenges in terms of internationalization, shifting production and service trends. Today, to stay competitive and guarantee high-quality production, Japanese OEM and EMS companies need to be more cost-effective and have some part of their production manufactured abroad. ICAPE brings the best supply solutions and with 230 highly qualified employees in China, we offer the best quality service with our top laboratory for quality check and control. Japanese clients are now starting to recognize our strength and we already started receiving more and more inquires for supplier partnerships. With this new local Japanese presence, we can better serve our Japanese customers. In addition, we have just started a very unique solution for our Japanese clients who want to visit our partner factories but cannot travel. It is called virtual factory audit. Without leaving Japan, our expert can take our clients to a virtual tour for remote auditing.”

The group invests for the future in Japan and the objectives are high. The target is to reach a revenue of 5 000 000 USD within five years. The first meeting for the business unit will be at the biggest Japanese electronics expo, NEPCON, held in this coming October in Nagoya and again in Tokyo in January 2021.

Olivier Voisin, Director of ICAPE Japan: «I was born and raised in France before I moved to England where I graduated in Business Communication from the Anglia University of Cambridge. Then I decided to experience a new lifestyle in Japan. Although I only planned to stay in Japan for a couple of years to absorb some of the cultures, that 2 years became 18 years and counting! Now I have 18 years of sales leadership and operations experience within the software, telecommunications, automotive parts manufacturing and robotics industry in Japan. I always admired Japan for its technology, innovation and ideas to change the way people live but also admired Japan for keeping its traditions intact, for preserving the customs, the skills and the art. There is also something special about Japan I like, something special about building relationships in Japanese business, something special about how people work together and focus and that sort of thing. Building trust takes a long time in Japan, but once you have that momentum, once you have that trust, then things continue even forever.»

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