About the company

Jacques van Zon started J.A. Printed Circuits Company, which still bears his initials, in 2003. At the time, Jacques was the director of a printed circuit board company in Germany but he was keen to start his own company. Although he started small, with the help of his son-in-law and daughters, the company has now grown into an internationally oriented organization with customers in a wide range of sectors such as:

  • Automotive & mobility
  • Lighting
  • Medical & pharmaceutics
  • Aviation
  • Computers & process control
  • Smart home & home automation
  • Sensor technology
  • Robotics & movement

We supply a range of customers, from clients in the SME sector to large companies throughout Europe. We are a renowned partner in Germany and the Netherlands when it comes to printed circuit board production. Our team consists of employees who work in the Netherlands, Germany and Asia (China), so we can optimally manage the supply chain required for the production and delivery of your printed circuit boards. They are well connected and can act rapidly, which enables us to make quick, targeted decisions for you. Since 2009 our headquarters has been in Eibergen, a Dutch town near the German border. This location has plenty of room for further expansion and has its own logistics centre, so we can provide a premium service. Day-to-day management was transferred to Jacques’ son-in-law, Melvin Brummelhuis, and his daughter, Chantal van Zon in 2015. Jacques still has an important place in the company as a consultant


In November 2021, Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, and Melvin Brummelhuis, CEO of JAPCC united the forces of the companies they lead toward an ambitious project, under the banner of ICAPE Netherlands: “The partnership between ICAPE Group and JAPCC allows us to offer our customers a wider range of products, technologies, service, and suppliers. Partly due to the global footprint of ICAPE Group, with headquarters in France, America, and China, we can benefit in the current market of globalization and scaling up, but certainly be there for all customers, from small to large. This step also creates great growth opportunities for an expansion of our activities on the Dutch market and a further expansion on the German market. Together with CIPEM’s products, we also hope to be able to realize our strategy «serving the customers’ needs of Technical Parts» even better”, said Mr. Brummelhuis.



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