ICAPEグループは、1999年以来、アジアの技術コンサルティングおよびプリント基板調達(PCB)に特化しています。 毎年、lCAPEグループは、すべての分野で組織とサービスレベルを開発しています。

ICAPEグループは、その分野における欧州のリーダーとして、発展しています。 また、お客様のニーズにより良いサービスを提供し、システム化するため、市場に応じて適応可能な技術サポートを統合しています。

数か月にわたって、PCBおよび技術部品の分野における技術的および一般的なトレーニングの結果から、現在の市場ニーズを分析し、体系化しました。 私たちはテクニカルデイズで議論された7つのテーマを統合するために、エンジニア、PCBおよびテクニカルパーツの専門家の助けを借り、プログラムを開発しました。


  • シングルサイドとポリマPCB
  • PCB製造プロセス
  • マルチレイヤーとHDI
  • フレキシブルとフレックスリジットPCB
  • CIPEMからの製品
  • 照明と電力
  • デザインコスト




Dates of Technical Days

Date Place
October 16th 2019 Italy
September 27th 2019 Switzerland
July 9th 2019 France
June 5th 2019 Italy
May 24th 2019 Germany
May 15th 2019 Germany
April 11th 2019 Spain
April 9th 2019 Spain
March 27th and 28th 2019 Poland
March 8th 2019 China
January 22th 2019 Italy
October 16th 2018 France
July 24th 2018 France
March 13th-14th 2018 Slovenia
February 15th 2018 Italy
December 12th 2017 Brittany, France
December 8th 2017 Ile de France, France
October 18th 2017 Loire, France
October 3th 2017 Fontenay-aux-Roses, France
June 20th 2017 Toulouse, France
June 6th 2017 Germany



ICAPE-DIVSYS also invites their customers in USA to spend a day with these Technical experts in Printed Circuit Boards and Assembly Processes. The day will feature three 45 minute Technical presentation, Tours, Lunch and snacks, and two workshops.

While the topics are technical in nature, they do not require a technical background. They are intended for participants from all disciplines from Purchasing to Quality.

We expect the workshops to be interactive, and invite customer participation with questions and comments.

We understand the busy schedules of all of our customers, so the presentations and workshops may be attended for the entire day, or just for topics of specific interest.


  • Laminates choices and Proper selection
  • Surface Finishes and their Applications and Limitations
  • Via Structures and their uses
  • Copper plating and Understanding thickness
  • Cleanliness understanding the terms and the implications
  • Why does the bare board and the assembly have the same standard?
  • Laminate choices, glass transition temperature and lead-free compatibility, Conductive Anodic Filament Growth, Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) application
  • Surface finishes (OSP, HASL, immersion silver and ENIG). Tin Whiskers
  • Via Structures (Through-hole, Blind, Buried, HDI, Stacked, Via-in-pad, Resin Filling, Conductive filling)
  • Ounces verses Mils in copper plating. Differences in inner-layer and outer layer requirements
  • Cleanliness (ionic contamination, organic contamination and intermetallic growth)
  • Measurement Techniques for cleanliness (Gross Ion Accumulation or Ionograph, Ion Chromatography, Resistivity of Solvent Extract

Dates of Technical Days

Date Place
June 20th 2019 USA, Indianapolis
june 18th 2019 USA, Los Angeles
October 31th 2018 USA, Indianapolis