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Order flex printed circuit board prototypes online

A flex PCB, or flexible PCB is a printed circuit board you can bend once or multiple times.
We offer flex printed circuit boards from 1, 2 and 4 layers as standard, to multilayers.
ICAPE GROUP offers the best quality of single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layered flex PCBs.

Flexible PCB

Delivery unit

Panel Length

PCB Length

Panel Width

PCB Width

Panel Qty


Length unit

PCB per panel

Minimum batch size we may quote online is 0.0025 square meter
Maximum batch size we may quote online is 2 square meter
Minimum PCB size is 10x10mm
Maximum PCB width is 240mm - Maximum PCB length is 780mm

Solder mask

Solder mask color

Min Hole size

Min trace and spacing

Shipping method

Delivery country

The delivery date of your PCBs will be confirmed after Engineering Questions are over.
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Flex PCB – Flexible PCB - Technical specification

Adhesive thicknessNone\0.0125mm\0.2mm
Min Hole Size0.10mm
Min Trace / Spacing0.075mm
Enig 1U"
Finished Cu thickness12µm (1/3oz)
18µm (1/2oz)
35µm (1oz)
Soldermask colorNone

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