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Minimum batch size we may quote online is 0.0000001 square meter
Maximum batch size we may quote online is 10 square meter
Minimum PCB size is 10x10mm
Minimum Panel size is 50x50mm
Maximum PCB width is 480mm - Maximum PCB length is 580mm

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The delivery date of your PCBs will be confirmed after Engineering Questions are over.

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▼ PCB Rigid - Materials

We have a large choice of PCB rigid materials. Please contact us for more information and a quote at

Brand Name Type Series TG Value PDF
EMCFR-4EM827170Download specs PDF
EMCFR-4EM825150Download specs PDF
ITEQFR-4IT158150Download specs PDF
ITEQFR-4IT180A170Download specs PDF
KING BOARDFR-4KB-6167170Download specs PDF
KING BOARDFR-4KB-6165150Download specs PDF
KING BOARDFR-4KB-6160130Download specs PDF
KING BOARDFR-4KB-6160170Download specs PDF
KING BOARDFR-4KB-6160150Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1000-2170Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1600130Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1141140Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1141130Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1141150Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1000H150Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1000-2M180Download specs PDF
SHENG YIFR-4S1000-2M170Download specs PDF
Brand NameTypeSeriesTG ValuePDF

▼ PCB Rigid - Technical specification and capabilities

SpecificationStandard CapabilitiesRFQ on request
TechnologySingle side to 10 layersUp to 48 layers
PCB minimum size by unit20 x 20 mmSame
PCB minimum size on the routing panel10 x 10 mmSame
Maximum size480 x 580 mmOther sizes on request
Maximum area10 m2> 10m2 on request
Thickness0,8mm to 3,2mmfrom 0,2 mm to 3,2 mm
Thickness tolerance+/- 10%+/- 8%
Outer Copper thickness18, 35, 70, 110, 140 µmSame
Inner Copper thickness17, 35, 70, 105, 140, 175, 210 µmHigher than 400 µm

SpecificationStandard CapabilitiesRFQ on request
Raw materialsFR4 TG up to 180°CHigh Tg°, Rogers, Arlon, Teflon
UL approved materialsYesYes
FinishingOSP, HASL, LF-HASL, ENIG, Silver, TinSame
Solder mask viasYesSame
GroovingYesGrooving with jump
Multilayers special stack upNoYes
Drill diameter0.2 to 6.3 mm< 0.2 mm
Track and space on inner layers100 µmdepend of copper base
Track and space on outer layers100 µmdepend of copper base
Monitored ImpedanceYesYes
SpecificationStandard CapabilitiesRFQ on request
CTI > 600VYesYes
Solder maskGreen, White, Black, Red, Blue, YellowSame
Silkscreen1 or 2 sidesSame
ColorsWhite, Black, YellowRed
Printed lines minimum width0.1 mm0.075 mm
Minimum space between lines0.1 mm0.075 mm
Peelable mask< = 20% of total area> 20% of total area
Carbon SilkscreenYesYes
RoutingSimple or ComplexSame
Routing tolerance+/- 0,2 mm+/- 0,1 mm

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