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1 - Will I pay any additional fees for my PCB's?

ICAPE group is composed of a mother company located in France and owns subsidiaries in each distribution country (Italy, Germany, USA, ...). Our company based in China allows us to import PCBs and pay the customs duties directly from the country. You won't have any additional fees to pay. (The VAT is reported and paid; as the customs clearance costs are included in the DDP Incoterms that we use for all deliveries within the EEU).

2 - How can I communicate with an ICAPE member?

You can call us directly at (765) 431 1271 or email us at You may also chat with us online. 

If online chat is not available, please leave a message and we will answer your request within 24 hours.

3 - Where are my PCBs manufactured?

Your PCBs are manufactured in China, by one of our industrial suppliers. All suppliers are carefully selected and undergo a strict qualification process. We continually visit and audit each supplier.

4 - Can I pay with a different  payment than the credit card?

At the moment, the ICAPE-SHOP website only allows the credit card payment. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, check or letter of credit, please contact us at (765) 431 1271, or email us at You may also chat with us online.

5 - What do I do if there are quality or logistics problems with my order?

ICAPE maintains permanent quality control in our China laboratory and such problems are rare. However, should you need to contact us, you can reach us at (765) 431 1271 or email us at ( or by using the online chat. We will address the issue as quickly as possible and, if necessary, replace any parts.

6 - What do I do if my PCB technical specifications are not offered on the website?

The ICAPE-SHOP is designed to meet most customers PCB requirements for all industries from prototype to production quantities. Should your order require technical specifications not addressed by the ICAPE-SHOP website, please contact us directly. We can provide you a customized quote within 48 hours.

7 - Can you provide the REACH Certification?

All our manufacturings are with REACH certification. The REACH regulation requires that only registered substances may be manufactured or imported into the EU. Manufacturers and Importers of a given substance must submit a registration dossier to the European CHemical Agency (ECHA), along with the relevant fees based on company size.


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