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Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are PCB combining rigid and flexible board technologies.
A Rigid-flex PCB design improves the reliability of applications by reducing the amount of interconnect points. The less interconnection you have on a design, the stronger your circuit board is, ultimately lowering the final costs of your device or application.
ICAPE GROUP offers the best quality of single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layered Rigid-flex PCBs.

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Rigid-Flex PCB - Technical specification

Layer1 to 20 Layers
Min Line and Space (µm)3µm
Annular Ring min.(mm)φ=0.15mm
Via Min. (mm)0.15mm for Mechanical hole
0.10mm for laser drilling
SurfaceENIG, ENEPIG, Immesin Tin, HAL/HASL-LF
MaterialsPolyimide of Panasonic, ThinFlex and DuPont.
FR4 and FR4 High Tg
Max size460*570mm
Materials ThicknessPI thickness is 1µm, 2µm and 3µm.
FR4 thickness 18µm & 35µm
Solder-StopCoverlay or Flexible Solder-stop.
Green, White,Black, Blue and Red Solder

Rigid Flex PCB Stack-up


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