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Rigid-flex PCB online quote

Request a quote online today, and get an offer in two to three working days for Rigid-flex printed circuit board prototypes.
Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are PCB combining rigid and flexible board technologies.
A Rigid-flex PCB design improves the reliability of applications by reducing the amount of interconnect points.
The less interconnection you have on a design, the stronger your circuit board is, ultimately lowering the final costs of your device or application.
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▼ Rigid-Flex PCB - Technical specification and capabilities

Specification Options
Material Shengyi, EMC
Layers 18L
Max delivery panel size 500*630mm
Max board thickness 3.2mm
Min Width/space 3/3mil
Specification Options
Copper thickness /
Hole size 0.15mm min for CNC drilling
Aspect ratio 12:1
S/M bridge Min 3.2mil
Resin plug hole size /

Rigid Flex PCB Stack-up